Glossary of Islamic Terms & Concepts

Sakinah Translated "peace", "tranquility", "peace of assurance, but also means a dwelling place. Is also noted in the Qur'an as connected with the ark of the covenant. In Hebrew the same word is Shakinah, the light of the presence of God in the Temple. Therefore its deeper meaning is "the very presence of Allah"
Salat Prayer (formal payer)
Sawm Fasting
Shahadah Confession of faith "There is no God but God and Muhammad is his messenger"
Shaitan Satan
Shariah The laws, revealed and canonical, of Islam
Sibghat Coloring, as to color cloth (Sibghat Allah - the coloring [baptism] of Allah)
Sunnah Way of the Prophet
Surah Chapter (of the Qur'an)