Ayat Allah Studies November 24, 2017
Rabi` Al-Awwal 5, 1439
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Index of the Holy Quran

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Qais 16:103a.
Qiblah 2:125b; meaning of, 2:142a; previous to Flight, 2:142a; change in, 2:142, 142a; afforded a distinction, 2:143, 143d; differences of Jews and Christians with regard to, 2:145, 145a; as a symbol of the unity of Muslim brotherhood, 2:148a; see also Ka`bah.
Quba' mosque at, 9:108, 108a.
Quraish who they were, 106:1, 1a; trade of, 106:2, 2a; advantages enjoyed by, 106:4, 4a; praying for a decision before going to Badr, 8:19a; the nine chiefs, 27:48a; doom of, 53:57, 57a; ch. 54 intro.; prophecy of the defeat of, 70:40-44, 44a; see also Muhammad : Opposition to.
Qur'an the Holy, significance of the name, 2:185b; names of, p. I-25; the most widely read book, 2:185b; is a revelation to Prophet from Allah, 20:2-4; 27:6; 39:41; 53:10; original or basis of, 43:4, 4a; 13:39, 39a; opponents challenged to produce the like of, 2:23-24, 23a; 10:37-38; 11:13-14, 13a; 17:88, 88a; 52:33-34, 34a; unique position of, among the books, 25:33a; 68:2a; a book whose blessings shall not be intercepted, 6:92, 155a; a warning for the whole world, 6:19, 19a; 25:1, 1a; settles all differences, 2:213c, 213d; 16:64; a book to be pondered over, 4:82; 23:68; 38:29; 47:24; a complete collection of best moral and spiritual teachings, 17:89, 89a; 29:48a; 39:27, 27a; 18:54; 30:58; a collection of all that is best in any religion and scripture, 16:69a; 98:3, 3a; contains the highest conceivable ideas, 29:49, 49a; is perfect and right-directing, 5:3d; 18:1-2, 2a; 39:28; is the truth, 6:66; 17:105; 23:90; 32:3; 35:31; truth of, recognized through knowledge, 22:54; 34:6; contains the best narratives, 12:1-3, 3a; explains everything necessary, 6:114; 10:37, 37a; 12:111; 16:89, 89b; 17:12; is a guidance, 2:2, 2c; 3:138; 39:23; 45:11; is a guidance and mercy, 10:57, 57a; 29:51, 51a; 7:52; 27:77; 31:3; is a guidance and good news, 2:97; 16:89, 102; 27:2; guides to what is upright, 17:9; contains guidance and arguments and affords a criterion, 2:185, 185c; contains answers to objections as well as arguments, 25:33, 33a; gives clear evidence and proof, 6:104; 7:203; 45:20; consists of clear messages, 2:99; 22:16; 24:1; 57:9; makes manifest, 15:1; 26:2, 2a; called Reminder, 15:6, 9; 16:43-44, 43a; 20:99; 21:50; 80:4, 11, 16a; Reminder for all nations, 6:90, 90a; 12:104; 38:87; 68:52; 81:27, 27a; a reminder of what is imprinted on human nature, 7:2b; is free from every discrepancy, 4:82, 82a; uniformity in, 39:23, 23a; rule of interpretation of, 3:7, 7a, 7b; ch. 3 intro.; falsehood shall not prevail against, 41:41-42; is a purifier, 29:45, 45a; gives life to dead hearts, 13:31a; 41:39a; a healing for spiritual diseases, 10:57, 57a; 17:82, 82a; 41:44, 44b; to be listened to with silence, 7:204; opponents of, try to prevent its hearing, 41:26; a book of wisdom, 10:1, 1b; 3:58; 11:1; 31:2; 36:2; knowledge of, taught by God, 55:1-2; 75:19; to be taught gradually, 17:106; duty of explaining message of, to people, 3:187; brings forth men from darkness into light, 14:1; 57:9; 65:11; not the work of a poet, 26:224-226, 226a; 36:69, 69a; 69:41; cannot be the work of devil, 26:210-212, 212a; 81:25, 25a; must achieve its object, 20:2-5, 2a, 4a; revealed to the Prophet's heart, 2:97; 26:193-194, 194a; revealed on a blessed night, 44:3, 3a; 97:1, 1a; revelation of, began in Ramadan, 2:185, 185a, 185b; revealed piece-meal, 25:32; 76:23; made to enter into hearts, 26:200, 200a; manifests glory of God, 29:45a (2nd); revealed in Arabic, 12:2; 16:103, 103a; 20:113; 26:195; 41:3, 44; 42:7; 43:3; 46:12, 12a; made easy in Arabic, 19:97; 44:58; made easy to remember, 54:40; Fatihah is essence of whole, ch. 1 intro.; 15:87, 87a; Divine promise to guard it against corruption, 15:9, 9a; 56:77-80, 79a; 85:21-22, 22a; 96:4a; abrogation of verses of, erroneous doctrine, see Abrogation; revelation of, was requirement of beneficence of Allah, 55:1-2, 2a; makes prophecy clearer gradually, 20:114a; 75:16a; Christian nations of future believing in truth of, 72:1-14, 1a, 3a; transformation wrought by, 2:23a; 13:31, 31a; 59:21; 84:1-5, 1a; will make its followers eminent, 7:2b; 21:10, 10a; 38:1b; scribes of, shall be honoured, 80:13-16, 16a.
— and previous revelation : verifies previous revelation, 2:41, 41a, 89, 101; 6:92; 10:37; 35:31, 31a; fulfils previous prophecy, 10:94; 20:133; 26:196-197; 28:52-53, 52a; 46:12, 12a; verifies and guards all previous revelations, 5:48, 48a; abrogation, refers to abrogation of previous scriptures, 2:106, 106a; 16:101, 101a; connection of, with previous revelation, 28:51, 51a; borne testimony to by Moses, 11:17, 17a; 46:10, 10a.
— differences of, with the Bible, regarding : Aaron, 2:51b, 93c; 20:90a; Abraham, 37:102a; 2:260a; God did not rest, 50:38a; Jesus, 3:55d; Jacob, 12:18a, 68a, 87a; Joseph, 12:28a, 70a; Moses, 7:108a, 126a, 154a, 155a; Noah, 11:42a; 7:64a; Solomon, 2:102d; 27:44c; alleged instances of anachronism, 2:249a; 28:25a, 27a; 71:23a.
— collection of, p. I-26; in the time of Abu Bakr meant collection of manuscripts, p. I-59, pp. I-73 to I-77; internal evidence of collection of, 75:17-18, 17a; the whole was written in Prophet's lifetime, p. I-55; evidence of the writing of, 2:2b; 52:41a; 68:2a, 47a; 80:13-16, 16a; 98:2, 2a; scribes of, among the companions, pp. I-57, I-58; stress laid by Prophet on learning, pp. I-60, I-61; zeal of companions to preserve every word of, p. I-60; the whole, committed to memory in Prophet's lifetime, pp. I-60 to I-65; recited by Muslims in day and night prayers, p. I-64; 73:20, 20a; in how many days should it be finished, p. I-63; arrangement of verses and chapters of, pp. I-65 to I-73; allegations of absence of arrangement in the text, pp. I-67 to I-69; evidence that arrangement was meant to be different from order of revelation, p. I-66; arrangement of, by revelation, 25:32, 32a; seven manzils (divisions) of, pp. I-26, I-63, I-71; numbering of verses in the Prophet's time, p. I-70; arrangement of chapters in Prophet's time, p. I-71; no evidence of change having ever been made in arrangement of, pp. I-69, I-70; impossibility of error creeping into, p. I-77; differences in readings of, pp. I-81 to I-86; different readings allowed in reading, not meant to be permanent, p. I-83; `Uthman made copies of Abu Bakr's collection, pp. I-77 to I-81; orders given by `Uthman to write it in the language of Quraish in case of a difference, pp. I-78, I-80; Muir on the collection and arrangement of, pp. I-55, I-61, I-67, I-68, I-77, I-84; Dr. Mingana's discovery of stray leaves of, pp. I-85, I-86; present Qur'an is exactly as Holy Prophet left it, p. I-81; no variation in any Qur'an in Muslim world, pp. I-83 to I-85.

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