A Momentous Sacrifice

Have you ever thought why Muslims and Protestant Christians including Seventh-day Adventists exclude blood from their diet? What must be the reason why blood is considered as haram (unlawful)? What is blood for?

In His Creation Plan, Allah designed that human beings, birds, fish, and animals would have blood to circulate in their body systems. The blood serves as the "river of life" through which nutrients, oxygen, hormones, and other basic elements needed for health and survival are coursed through to be distributed to every cell and tissue of every body organ. The same channel is used to carry carbon dioxide, urine, and other wastes to be taken out of the system. Blood is used to sustain and nurture the body as well as to cleanse and purify it. Once the circulatory system of the body is disturbed creating a state of imbalance, it may mean dis-ease and the creature is not well. A prolonged state of imbalance leads to the organism's death.

"The life of any creature is in its blood," Allah said. Life is sacred, for it comes from Allah the Creator. So is blood! Allah forbids anyone from eating or drinking blood in any form. Blood is not for food. Any Israelite or foreigner living in Israel who violates this rule is cut off from the community. Blood has to be drained out from the flesh before the animal is cooked and eaten.