Ayat Allah Studies November 24, 2017
Rabi` Al-Awwal 5, 1439
Dedicated to presenting the message of Allah as the way of salvation around the world

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Each ayat in the whole study course ends with a summary the purpose of which is to help you synthesize the points of truth that you have learned and come up with your own conclusion. In this Introductory Ayat, Abraham is considered to be the "father" of pure and true Islamic religion in the Islamic world. The term "Al Hanif" refers to one who worships one God, submits his whole self to Him, and remains true in faith.

Abraham was called pure and true because he was a model, devoutly obedient to one and only living God, and true in faith. He approached Him with a sound heart. In his early life, Abraham set his face, firmly and truly, to worship none but the Creator of heavens and earth, and to submit himself to His will. Thus Abraham's religion was founded on Tauhid and Ibadah, Al-Qadar and Islam.

The essence and nature of Abraham's relationship with God was his complete faith in Him. In turn his faith was accounted to him by God for righteousness. Likewise, God's takqua is imputed to us as a free gift, rather than earned or attained through good works. God has bestowed upon us His raiment of righteousness, for that is the best. God bestows continually on us our piety and restraint from evil that we may become like Him in character. Thus the pure and true Muslim believers are supposed to be the "best of Peoples evolved for mankind." A portion or remnant of the People of the Book, who have true faith in God, can be counted among the Al Hanif.

The Book of Revelation pictures the Al Hanif Islamic movement as "an angel" or messenger of God having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth on these last days saying: "Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water." Revelation 14:6, 7.

Allah's final call to all children of Abraham is: "Follow only the religion of Ibraham Hanif." Be a Pure and True Muslim!

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