Ayat Allah Studies December 17, 2017
Rabi` Al-Awwal 28, 1439
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God's Line of Truth through Abraham's Descendants

("A father of many nations")


Son of Hagar
(Child of Necessity)
Gen. 16 & 18
Son of Sarah
(Child of Promise)
Born out of affliction

Gen. 16:11; 21:6
Born out of laughter
To be blessed by Allah, and multiplied exceedingly, begetting 12 princes and becoming a great nation.

Gen. 17:19, 20
To have Allah's everlasting covenant established with him and his descendants after him
Allah was with him as he grew up in the wilderness.
Gen. 21:20; 26:24
Allah assured him of His presence and to bless him and multiply his descendants.
Assisted Abraham in establishing the Kaaba--a house of prayer in Arabia. (Surah 2:125)   Offered by Abraham as a momentous sacrifice, but Allah provided a ram to ransom him. (Surah 37:99-113; Gen. 22)

Contacts Between Ishmael and Isaac and their Respective Descendants
Ishmael and Isaac buried their father together. (Gen. 25:8, 9)
Ishmael's daughter, Mahalath, married Isaac's son, Esau. (Gen. 28:8, 9)
The Ishmaelites were Allah's instrumental in saving Joseph from his brothers and bringing him to Egypt where he later became a governor. (Gen. 37-41)
Jethro, the priest of Midian (named after Abraham's fourth son through Keturah), became the father-in-law and counselor of Moses. (Ex. 3:1; 18:1-27; Gen. 25:2)
Israelites bought from the people of the East sweet spices and incense for the sanctuary services. (Ex. 30:34-38; Isa. 60:6, 7)
Balaam, the prophet of Midian, was used by Allah to bless Israel and prophecied about Israel's future and the coming Messiah. (Num. 22-24)
The Queen of Sheba (named after the grandson of Abraham through his third wife Keturah) visited Solomon king of Israel. (1 Ki. 10).
The Jewish shepherds and wise men from the East were both guided by Allah to come and visit Babe Isa Al Massih lying in a manger. (Matt. 2; Lk 2)
Nebateans, descendants of Nebajoth (Ishmael's first born), migrated to Hijaz in Southern Arabia. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) claimed to descend from Ishmael through the Nabateans.   Jewish Christians, joined in by Gentile
converts, constituted the Early Christian or Apostolic Church. Foremost among its leaders were Peter and Paul. The Apostolic Church was persecuted. Other leaders compromised their faith with paganism and corrupted Christianity.
Muhammad (pbuh) is prophecied in Rev.ch.9 as a Heaven-sent messenger who was given the "key to the bottomless pit"-a mission to open the work for True Islam (following the ways of Abraham) in the vast wastes of Arabian desert in the 7th century A.D.   The Abyssinian Christians and Hanifa Christian tribe in Arabia had close dealings with the Quraish tribe of Muhammad (pbuh). Together with Muhammad (pbuh), they preached monotheism and true worship against the backdrop of apostate Christianity.
Islam is pictured in Rev. ch. 9 as a "smoke" which arose out of the Arabian desert darkening the "sun and the air" of apostate Christianity from the 7th century and onward.   A number of sincere Jews and Christians recognized the prophetic role and mission of Muhammad (pbuh) and Islam at their time-- the Dark Ages of Papacy and apostate Christianity from the 7th century and onward.
The Ottoman Turks, whose religion is Islam, invaded Eastern Europe and drew the attention of the vast army of the Roman Emperor Charles V from the Protestant German princes.   Allah saved the German princes of Protestantism from being defeated and annihilated by Charles V's army by sending the Ottoman Turks to invade Eastern Europe. Through the latter's intervention, the Holy Scriptures were preserved.
The pure and true Christian beliefs in one God, the Holy Scriptures, the prophets (from Adam to Isa Al Massih), the angels, and Last Day (Judgment) constitute the ISLAMIC ARTICLES OF FAITH. Thus it is necessary for both pure and true Christians and pure and true Muslims to have common terms and promote together the Religion of Abraham.
"Say: 'O People of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you: that we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with Him…." (Surah 3:64)
Reasons why Allah wants His Hanif believers to follow the Religion of Abraham:
  1. The religion of Abraham was founded on Islam--submission to Allah's will. --"Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian; but he was true in faith (Hanif), and bowed his will to Allah's, (which is Islam)." (Surah 3:37)

  2. Abraham was a model believer of the Tauhid.-- "Abraham was indeed a model, devoutly obedient to God, (and) true in faith (Hanif), and he joined not gods with God.... (Surah 16:120)

  3. Abraham's sunnah serves as the standard. - "Then We revealed to thee, 'Follow the ways of Abraham the True in Faith, and he joined not gods with Allah.'" "Who can be better in religion than one who submits his whole self to God, does good, and follows the way of Abraham the true in faith (Hanif)?...." Surah 16:123; 4:125

  4. It is the Religion Right and Straight not only, for Muslims but for the People of the Book. --"And they (People of the Book) have been commanded no more than this: To worship God, offering Him sincere devotion, being True (in faith); to establish regular Prayer; and to practice regular Charity: and that is the Religion Right and Straight." (Surah 98:5)

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