Glossary of Islamic Terms & Concepts

Abaya' Cloak-like, woolen wrap
Abu Bakr First Muslim Caliph
Al-lkhlas Chapter 112 of the Qur'an (Purity of Faith)
Al-Kafirun Chapter 109 of the Qur'an (Those who reject the Faith)
Allah The true name for the creator of the Universe is Allah. He is the Merciful, the Beneficent, the Knowledgeable, the Protector, the Mighty, the God, the Provider, the Exalted, the Lord, the All-Knowing, the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing, the Magnificent, the Wise, the Loving, the First, the Last, and the Eternal.
Arabic name for the God who created the world, the God of Abraham. Linguistically comes from the same word as the Hebrew name for God - Elloh(im).
Allahu akbar This statement is said by Muslims numerous times. During the call for prayer, during prayer, when they are happy, and wish to express their approval of what they hear, when they slaughter an animal, and when they want to praise a speaker, Muslims do say this expression of Allahu Akbar. Actually it is most said expression in the world. Its meaning: "Allah is the Greatest" Muslims praise Allah in every aspect of life; and as such they say Allahu Akbar.
Aid Feast, celebration
Aid el Adha Feast of the Sacrifice, commemorating the sacrifice of Abraham's son.
Asr The afternoon Prayer
Ayat It is the plural form of Ayah.
Ayah Other Commonly Used Spellings: AYA, AYYAH
The Arabic meaning of Ayah is a miracle and a sign. The Qur'an is considered to be a miracle itself. Each verse or sentence is called an Ayah or a miracle. The plural of Ayah is called Ayat, which means "miracles".
Azan The call to prayer, the mu'azzin is the person who gives the call to prayer.